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Swim with baby humpback whales, explore the islands’ Tahitian vanilla and cultured pearl farms, or simply never leave your private bungalow in this French Polynesian haven.

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on right now, it’s that we could all use a beach escape. Conjure the dreamiest, sea-bluest variety and you’ll likely land on Tahiti, origin of the overwater bungalow, legendary muse to artists, and magnet for romance, spanning 118 distinct islands flung across the South Pacific.

“I first fell in love with Tahiti for its sheer beauty: the color of the water, the lush green mountains,” says Virtuoso travel advisor. “The more I go, the more I fall in love with the people and the culture.” The locals have a name for the islands’ palpable power: mana, or life force. “It’s what connects the land to the sea to the people to your heart,” says another Virtuoso advisor. “You feel it in the islands, from incredible sunrises to having dolphins race your boat, or when you go to one of the beautiful churches and hear Tahitian ladies singing on Sundays, all dressed in white. It’s that feeling of connection.

Tahiti has closed on a temporary basis. Talk with me and we can plan your vacation for mid year or later. (when they are open again) 704-489-0367

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