Snorkling or Diving the Great Barrier Reef

You will need to read some of the posts below for other ways to see this incredible underwater world, The Great Barrier Reef.  If you have a few days, I encourage you to stay at one of the resorts on an island, so you can relax in luxury when not actually snorkling or diving. Some of the more popular Great Barrier Reef islands are Lizard Island, Dunk Island, Bedarra, Orpheus Island, Wilson Island, Heron Island, and Hayman Island.  You really need a travel advisor to assist you when making the decision. As a matter of fact, better still, a “Premier Aussie Specialist”.  You will see by my website and this blog, I am a Certified Premier Aussie Specialist and the only one in the Charlotte area.  The islands are as fascinating as they are diverse. Lizard Island is a National Park with superb walking tracks and luxury accommodations surrounded by 24 private beaches. Families will prefer to have the activities available on Dunk island.  Bedarra is a lovers’ playground where it is all about relaxation and rejuvenation.  Heron offers a turtle rookery and plenty to explore. Orpheus is an intimate retreat that makes you feel like you are the only one there and is renowned for its exquisite cuisine. Hamilton Island is very large with numerous different types and levels of accommodation from villas to hotels. I will talk more about Hamilton in another post because there is so much to say about it.  I will describe Hayman Island in an other post because I have so many photos to include. 

You really need to look at my previous post to see 2 spectacular photos take by one of my clients, an amateur photographer.

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Spectacular photos while diving the Great Barrier Reef.

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Sleep out on the Great Barrier Reef

It is impossible to say what part of Australia is my favorite. 

One of the top 5 would have to be the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s great natural wonders-stretching 1,200 miles along the tropical waters of Australia’s Coral Sea. The Great Barrier Reef is alive with color and marine life. More than just a natural wonder, the reef is a world-class vacation destination with a uniquely Australian flavor.  There are so many ways to experience the Great Barrier Reef.

Some of my clients prefer to stay out on the Great Barrier Reef on a small cruise ship for  a 3, 4 or 7 nights and get immersed in this breath taking scenery both under water and from the ship.

For most travelers, a visit to the Great Barrier Reef is a once in a lifetime experience. With only a few precious days to discover the natural wonders of Tropical North Queensland, making the most of every minute is important. Buy sleeping on the small cruise ship will you experience more of the reef, rainforest and islands than you ever thought possible.

You awaken each morning at exclusive reef moorings, with the very best of the reef and secluded tropical islands right outside your window. Traveling with an intimate group of just 50 like-minded guests you will explore well beyond the reach of the busy day tour groups; it really will feel like you have this World Heritage-listed wonderland all to yourself. Savor unhurried snorkeling and glass bottom boat tours in the company of our onboard Marine Biologist, their expert knowledge ensuring you gain a full appreciation of the reef and its colorful marine life.

A highlight of this small ship cruise is the opportunity to snorkel and SCUBA dive over spectacular coral gardens and come face to face with a myriad of brightly colored tropical fish.  Our ship has a number of exclusive reef moorings and island sites on the best parts of the reef, each day bringing a new variety of species to discover.

You will have the opportunity to snorkel over magical fringing reefs, located just meters from the beach at Lizard and Pelorus Islands, and discover the rarely visited Ribbon Reefs where access is made easy from the snorkel platform at the stern of the ship. Less experienced swimmers will enjoy the opportunity to join guided snorkeling tours, our expert staff accompanying you in the shallow waters over the reef every step of the way.

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Great Barrier Reef

One would be to have your base on the mainland and take a day trip by Catamaran.  Port Douglas would be where I would base myself if taking the day trip.

Cruise to Agincourt ribbon reef, at the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef for a day you probably will never forget.  A few of us travel agents travelled in comfort aboard a wave piercer catamaran to the reef platform. This is ideal for both snorkelers and non-swimmers seeking the widest choice of reef experiences including snorkeling, underwater observatory and semi-submersible.

Soon after departing Port Douglas morning tea is served and the Marine Biologists give the passengers instruction and information about the day and activities available. Equipment is handed out, so as not to waste valuable snorkeling or diving time when you arrive.

Snorkeling, Semi-submersible coral viewing, the Underwater Observatory, morning tea, afternoon tea and an incredible seafood buffet are included.  I was blown away by the  breathtaking underwater scenery while snorkeling. At lunch time I piled my plate high with prawns and other yummy seafood. There is plenty of variety for non seafood and vegetarians. After lunch, I decided to spend time in the sun soaking up breathtaking water views.  Two of my friends took an optional helicopter ride over the Great Barrier Reef.  When they returned they were incredibly enthusiastic about the experience. I regretted not signing up myself.

For those who really don’t want to get wet, take the Semi Submersible ride to view the spectacular marine life. In addition go to the Underwater Observatory.

Scuba Diving is a once in a lifetime experience.  Introductory diving for the first time novice is offered as well as excellent diving for certified scuba divers. A couple of my travel agent friends went Scuba Diving. What a place to Scuba Dive!

On the ride back to Port Douglas, while enjoying afternoon tea, the divers could not say enough about the variety of marine life and beautiful coral they had been fortunate enough to see. Thanks to their underwater cameras, they were able to show me the beauty they captured during their dive.

I will tell you more about other ways to experience the GREAT BARRIER REEF soon.

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