About Dianne

I am passionate about travel and want to inspire others to travel. What I believe sets me apart from most of my competitors, is that I ask questions and listen very carefully to my clients desires and dreams. I have travelled extensively throughout the world. I continue to travel a couple of times a year, in order to keep my knowledge of the various resorts, cruises and destinations current. This helps me to match my client with the perfect fit based on their needs.

Have you heard about bad experiences from people who have booked on the internet, only to find out that when they need extra assistance there is no one to turn to? When they arrive at the resort, it is not what they had expected?  They were faced with unexpected extra fees?

Are you overwhelmed by all the travel options on the internet and need someone to point out the differences?

Do you want to be sure your travel dollars are invested wisely?

Are you looking for a unique vacation, custom designed just for you?

Do you want every detail to be taken care of, in order to save you time and money?

Do you want to start your vacation relaxed, have peace of mind and not stressed out with all the planning?

Do you want to be treated as a VIP where ever you travel?

Do you wish you could speak to a Travel Specialist who would listen to what you say?

Do you want to know there will be someone there for you if a situation arises that need a resolution?

Do you want your vacation to be a dream experience of a life time?

When you book your vacation with me, you receive all of the above. I have built strong relationships with suppliers ensuring that my clients enjoy exceptional travel experiences.   With my extensive product knowledge, I will create a perfectly well planned vacation that is unique and everything (and maybe more) than you had hoped for.

Contact me at 704-489-0367;   traveldt@bellsouth.net

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