Snorkling or Diving the Great Barrier Reef

You will need to read some of the posts below for other ways to see this incredible underwater world, The Great Barrier Reef.  If you have a few days, I encourage you to stay at one of the resorts on an island, so you can relax in luxury when not actually snorkling or diving. Some of the more popular Great Barrier Reef islands are Lizard Island, Dunk Island, Bedarra, Orpheus Island, Wilson Island, Heron Island, and Hayman Island.  You really need a travel advisor to assist you when making the decision. As a matter of fact, better still, a “Premier Aussie Specialist”.  You will see by my website and this blog, I am a Certified Premier Aussie Specialist and the only one in the Charlotte area.  The islands are as fascinating as they are diverse. Lizard Island is a National Park with superb walking tracks and luxury accommodations surrounded by 24 private beaches. Families will prefer to have the activities available on Dunk island.  Bedarra is a lovers’ playground where it is all about relaxation and rejuvenation.  Heron offers a turtle rookery and plenty to explore. Orpheus is an intimate retreat that makes you feel like you are the only one there and is renowned for its exquisite cuisine. Hamilton Island is very large with numerous different types and levels of accommodation from villas to hotels. I will talk more about Hamilton in another post because there is so much to say about it.  I will describe Hayman Island in an other post because I have so many photos to include. 

You really need to look at my previous post to see 2 spectacular photos take by one of my clients, an amateur photographer.

If you know of anyone interested visiting Australia, I would love to talk with them. Phone 704-489-0367.

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